Monday, April 02, 2007

Anything to Get Over Last Nights Post

Something that always cheers me up.
The Fray. They never fail to captivate me. I’m not going to bore you with superfluous details, because it doesn’t matter and def would be a lot easier if you just listend to it. However, I’ll tell you what type of music they make, and who they are.
Well. The Denver-based quartets intense and melodic songs have been striking a huge chord with audiences. They got fame the old way, they really earned it. It's a story you don't hear much anymore nowadays: local area gigs led to enthusiastic local press and local radio support. People thought they came out of nowhere quickly but they had been working hard before the mainstream public had heard about them.The first single from their album is "Over My Head (Cable Car)" and it climbed into the top 10 on the Billboard singles chart, has been certified platinum, and was streamed more than a million times on MySpace in just one month.
The Fray doesn't fit easily into any niche, and they don't need to: word of mouth (or, word of digital mouth) has been good enough. The songs stand on their own, no clever marketing or catering to genres necessary.
The Fray are my favorite band BY FAR. My favorite song by The Fray, will always be, of course, How To Save A Life. But enough of my opinion, you should seriously get their album. Good lyrics. Good good music.

Everyones Favorite Cliched Topic
[But I don't care because it's what I feel, and honestly, the word 'cliched' is cliched.]


Well. I was just having the strangest feeling in my stomach. Queasy-ish. And I have this growing urge to talk to have someone to talk to, to explain ‘change’ to me because as much as I try to understand things the less sense they make. A few days ago, courtesy Facebook, I found one of my best friends – in the first, second, and third grade. His name was Ryan Faer, it’s been 7 years. It seriously made me think a lot. Mostly about home, but that’s something I think I’ve mentally sorted out. However...
Change is still on my mind. My elementary school years they purely rocked. After that, there was change. And more change.
And more change.
After third grade, the awesomest year of my life so far, we moved here. I guess you could say life was really different, not really in a bad way, just realllyy diff. When I look at the third graders I know, I feel like I was so much more mature than them. Life used to be
‘bigger’ and realer’, if that makes any sense. Well anyways, then my dad decided that we were going to move. It was pretty sudden. So I guess I .. I was excited at first. I was excited, I didn’t know what I was getting into. Maybe I wasn’t
that mature then.
I went to the American school from fourth grade till the end of sixth grade. I never fit in there, I don’t think anyone really did. There were eighty percent Arabs, and the rest were from all over. I had one really good friend, who was Australian, who did keep in touch. Because in 7th, I changed schools again. Finally, I thought, people I have something in common with! I made friends, but besides three really awesome friends, everyone else was barely more than an acquaintance for around a year because it turned out that no matter where I went I would
always be really different. I wouldn’t want to take back anything, but things could’ve been better. More change. Fights. More change, in many many ways. Which wasn’t very pretty. But yea.
But then… After well. A lot of personal stuff that I’ve kept from most people,
I think I finally found a bit of myself again. Things were good. And that summer, I went away. And I was told that I wouldn’t be coming back. But I did. For 8 months. And those eight months, were finally, good good months. Even if I was missing half a family. Things were better.
And then. More change. I don’t know if I was supposed to approve or embrace it but at first, I told myself I did. I mean. There’s nothing like being with family. But looking back, this is the most used to anything I’ve ever gotten and
I don’t know if I can adapt all over again.
So change has left me bruised and battered and now it’s approaching again. And truthfully. I don’t know what to do. If only I was given something to believe in ..

PS: You're wrong. I'm not over reacting.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I try to be like
Grace Kelly.

Do I attract you?
Do I repulse you with my queasy smile?
Am I too dirty?
Am I too flirty?
Do I like what you like?
I could be wholesome
I could be loathsome

I guess Im a little bit shy
Why dont you like me?
Why dont you like me without making me try?

I try to be like Grace Kelly
But all her looks were too sad
So I try a little Freddie
Ive gone identity mad!

How can I help it
How can I help it
How can I help what you think?
Hello my baby
Putting my life on the brink
Why dont yo like me
Why dont you like me
Why dont you like yourself?
Should I bend over?
Should I look older just to be put on the shelf?

Say what you want to satisfy yourself
But you only want what everybody else says you should want

I try to be like Grace Kelly
But all her looks were too sad
So I try a little Freddie
Ive gone identity mad!

I could be brown
I could be blue
I could be violet sky
I could be hurtful
I could be purple
I could be anything you like
Gotta be green
Gotta be mean
Gotta be everything more
Why dont you like me?
Why dont you like me?
Why dont you walk out the door!
PS: Figure out what this is yourself =P

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Yeaa .. Insomnia. She can't sleep either.
It seems to be something I’ve been dreading these days and here I go.. turning my blog into my own personaldiarytypething.

I know they say sleeping ‘at-the-right-time’ [that's supposed to be read as if your mom was saying it hahah] is one of the most imperative things, but sleeping… My body just doesn’t see the point.
Sleeping means not using every moment possible, because no matter when I sleep I always wake up at around 12PM [excluding days like today, when I slept at 7AM].
It means missing talking to my mom and brothers, who only get free at 3PM their time, 12AM our time.
It means missing out on a certain type of privacy and silence which I can’t get during the day.
Oh and how I love that..
But sleep. Sleep can be scary.
People do weird things in their sleep. I do weird things in my sleep. Cough. Such as calling people, hiding newspapers, and some more things I’d prefer not to disclose. I think I may have a sleeping disorder, and I know you’re rolling your eyes Nishant. Maybe I have anxiety problems, because sometimes I just lay in bed thinking, nerve-racking.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t like sleeping. I mean, I enjoy the sleep itself, just not the idea of it, if that makes sense. I’ve tried getting to sleep – counting sheep and the whole shebang, but it just doesn’t work if there’s something else I want to be doing.

Anyways. Let’s see if it goes away, I’m praying it’s just another phase. That’s life right?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The inauguration of the incredibility that is The Isonephic Valentine (IVY), the invention of us, is on March the 23rd. 2007.

What are we?
Well. Simple. We’re, for now,

Leona. Menaka. Reshma. Sonia. Radhii.
We create.

We’re not a band. We’re….hmm. A group.
We do stuff.

And on the 23rd… You’ll find out what that means.